Pierre Jacquemin

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Extraction of objects from seismic data

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Phone number:+33 (0)383 59 64 34
ENSG office number:G203



in: SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts -- 2005 -- pp. 755-758



Jean-Laurent Mallet and Pierre Jacquemin and N. Cheimanoff.
in: SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 8:1 (126--128)


Latest News


The 2015 Gocad Meeting will be held on Sept. 22-25 in Nancy, France.


Dec 2014: Paul Cupillard Presents his work on homogeneization for wave propagation at AGU Fall Meeting.

16 Dec 2014: Pablo Mejia-Herrera defends his PhD on the use of 3D restoration in mineral exploration

Nov. 2014: The Special Issue of Mathematical Geosciences on 3D structural modeling is out.

Jeanne Pellerin was awarded the 2014 IAMG's Computers and Geosciences Scholarship

16-19 Nov 2014: We have 3 presentations at EAGE Integrated Reservoir Modeling Conference, Dubai


December 2014

We are happy to welcome three new associate sponsors

IGME Madrid

Institute of Geology CAGS

University of Padova